Skiing in Town?

Not talking about how you can ski down onto main street at Park City. This is JP Auclair and he just destroys this town. I’m actually not sure how he did it, as the color temperature looks all the same so it doesn’t seem like there were too many takes at this. But that is a ton of set ups […]

One of Those Days

This is still so much fun. It was the piece that started it all and good on Candide for coming out with something so strong. Definitely more of a freestyle artist than a speed skier, he is so comfortable on skis I am incredibly covetous of this. There are two more now, which I have also listed below. They are […]

Unrideables Trailer

Sweet looking ski film that THANK GOD isn’t a Warren Miller. Love their game, but I need something different. This is backed by Redbull Media, which I don’t really have an opinion about. The trailer is pretty sleepy and the narrator—if he’s narrates the film—doesn’t have a lot of pop. This looks to be the basis of speedriding, but I […]


I’m Ron. I grew up speed skiing. Or at least I thought I did. I was in West Virginia, and I was pretty good. For being 9-10 years old. In West Virginia. As I grew up and got farther and farther away from home, to Vermont, and New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and California, I kept finding that I wasn’t that […]