Speedriding Genesis

This I think was the first intro I had to speedriding. And to be clear, this isn’t for me. I wish I could, but I am too old and even young didn’t have the acrobatics or heights stomach for this. If you pardon their French, this is a pretty pure look at how everything got started. Because it is so […]

Unrideables Trailer

Sweet looking ski film that THANK GOD isn’t a Warren Miller. Love their game, but I need something different. This is backed by Redbull Media, which I don’t really have an opinion about. The trailer is pretty sleepy and the narrator—if he’s narrates the film—doesn’t have a lot of pop. This looks to be the basis of speedriding, but I […]


I’m Ron. I grew up speed skiing. Or at least I thought I did. I was in West Virginia, and I was pretty good. For being 9-10 years old. In West Virginia. As I grew up and got farther and farther away from home, to Vermont, and New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and California, I kept finding that I wasn’t that […]